Dublin Off Licences-Off Licences in Dublin

Dublin off licences have grown in enormous popularity in the last few years in Ireland. The tightening up of the drink driving laws combined with the the great value provided by many Dublin off licences has seen the traditional Irish pub suffer very badly.


There has been a societal shift towards drinking at home having picked up some beers on the way home from work perhaps or availing of the off licence delivery service provided by many off licences in Dublin.

The licensing laws in Ireland are quite antiquated and there are significant differences between an on licence (which a pub will have), the Irish off licence and a wine off licence.


There are some fine big off licences in Dublin such as Molloys and O’Briens but there are many small, indepedent and knowledgeable off licence operators througout the city also.

Many big store chains such as Aldi, Lidl and Tesco have pursued an aggressive expansion in their licensed trade in the last decades also not to mention the many petrol filling stations who have a licence to sell beer and/or wines also.

Some well known off licences in Dublin include


  • the Corkscrew Wine Merchants in Chatham Street
  • McHughs in Artane
  • Deveneys off licence
  • the Carryout off licence in Clongriffin
  • Gibneys and the
  • Drinkstore in Manor Street.

Regardless of whether you obtain your drinks in a traditional Irish pub or in an off licenc in Dublin do keep in mind that you should never drink and drive and the limits are very low now in Ireland with a significant risk the morning after having a few drinks at home.


The wide choice now in Dublin off licences together with the expertise of many of the staff in respect of new wines, liquers, vodka, gin and so forth has seen a major shift in perception from the old image of off licences being the place where a significant element of the business was the sale of cheap cider for anti social drinking.